I understand the value of your information and want to help you to thrive in the global marketplace

English to German or the other way round - nothing here is lost in translation or as the German would say: "Garantiert ohne Flüsterpost-Effekt"!

No more Google Translate!
When translating a business, service or simply a text, you need much more than a word-for-word software. Brand voice & tone of voice can only be brought by human translation.


MindRabbit Media provides translations with a consistent and excellent quality for

  • website, online & social media content
  • articles
  • marketing material, e.g.  flyer & brochures
  • press-releases
  • business statements
  • and many other documents

The fact that I've gained many years of experience in the German and English world of work, as well as actually living as a German native speaker in English-speaking countries - make me a qualified translator who conveys industry-specific topics accurately to the right target group.
Every transcript is reviewed by a native-speaker - because 4 eyes are better than 2! 

Not quite what you are looking for?

If you need some well-known monuments and places from Scotland/ UK, a wind swept mountain range from Norway or Switzerland, rolling green hills that meet the ocean in New Zealand or the tranquil beaches of Fiji & Portugal then jump over to my official Photography Website

Landscape and nature photography available for licensing.