Social Media

Nowadays you are only competing if you have your business or service on online platforms like social media channels. But why?

Social media communication means to maintain an exchange with people who are not interested in receiving direct sales messages but who are at the same time the perfect target group for your products and services. 

The magic is to turn them into customers by showing them in an entertaining or educating kind of way how much they need your product or service - either as a visual, video or text... or a combination. With the right platforms and communication you will convince your target group.


With a vast experience in social media channels, MindRabbit Media sees the bigger picture and develops all relevant measures, such as


  • create a powerful social media strategy & communication, that incorporates your business vision
  • research and write engaging post-texts customised to various platforms
  • create social templates (such as pre-made graphics) for you
  • research and establish relevant hashtags
  • design and create visuals for organic posts, stories, tweets, etc.
    ( I am also a photographer, see portfolio here)
  • schedule posts according to an previously approved content plan
  • care for your channels with key account management
  • Metric / KPI monitoring & analysing

The best of all: You can save your time for more fun things!

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